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Mazes - Free Game Worksheets

Mazes are great way to challenge and exercise the mind. Adult ESL students find mazes easy to solve, but exposure to mazes teaches parents that their children can benefit by solving puzzles and playing other types of cognitive games. I hope that the mazes on this website find their way into the homes of our adult ESL students so that their children are exposed to mentally stimulating activities that will strengthen their minds and improve their focus. Enjoy! NOTE: The copyrights to the pictures on these worksheets belong to Liz Ball. You may make paper copies of these worksheets, but you may not save them to electronic devices or sell them in any form. To order Liz�s picture activity books, send $5.95/book plus $2.50 shipping to: Hidden Pictures, P.O. Box 63, Tipp City, OH 45371 or visit her website at www.hiddenpicturepuzzles.com.

Maze Worksheets - Free

Man Playing Golf

Lost Sheep

Picnic in the Park

Acorn in the Tree

Flowers and Caterpillars

Tulips and Bugs

Birds in a Nest

Flower Garden

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