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Ohio Lesson, Page 2

Columbus - Captial of Ohio - Capitol Building


  • Columbus is the capital of Ohio. It is also the most populated city in the state.

  • Columbus is located in the center of the state.

  • Columbus was named in honor of explorer Christopher Columbus.


Scarlet Carnations - State Flowers of Ohio

Scarlet Carnations

  • The scarlet carnation is the state flower of Ohio. Scarlet means red. Carnations are sturdy, long-lasting flowers.

  • The red carnation was chosen to honor William McKinley. McKinley was an Ohio Governor and U.S. President. He wore a red carnation in his jacket lapel.


Cardinal - State Bird of Ohio


  • Ohio's state bird is the cardinal.

  • Cardinals are medium-sized songbirds. Both male and female cardinals sing.

  • Male cardinals are red and female cardinals are brownish tan.

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