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White-tailed Deer

White-tailed Deer

  • Ohio's state animal is the white-tailed deer. They got their name because the undersides of their tails are white.

  • White-tailed deer live throughout most the United States. They easily adapt to many types of environments including forests, woodlands, and prairies.


Ohio Buckeye - State Tree of Ohio

Ohio Buckeye Tree

  • The Ohio buckeye is the state tree of Ohio.

  • Buckeyes produce a nut that looks like a deer's eye. It is good luck to carry a buckeye nut in your pocket.

  • Ohio's state flower is the buckeye flower. A buckeye flower is a yellow-green blossom that grows on buckeye trees in the spring.


Cleveland Science CCenter

Cleveland Science Center

  • Cleveland is the second most populated city in Ohio. It is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie.

  • The Cleveland Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are major tourist attractions.

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