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Thailand Lesson - Page 4

Spicy Noodles for Lunch
Spicy Noodles for Lunch

Spicy Noodles

Thai food is very spicy.

Noodles are considered a light meal.

Susan ate noodles every day for lunch.

Two Men Taking Photos
Two Men Taking Photos

Cameras Everywhere

The Thai Princess, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, is a photographer.

She took this photo of people taking photos.

It looks like they are taking your photo.

Sign at a Dinosaur Museum in Thailand
Sign at a Dinosaur Museum in Thailand

Sign at a Museum

This sign tells you what you cannot do inside the dinosaur museum in Phu Kum Khao.

You cannot use umbrellas.

You cannot wear sunglasses.

Why do you think that you can't do these things inside a museum?

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