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Thailand Lesson - Page 1

by Susan Gaer and Christina Niven

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia between the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. It is a medium-sized country with a population of about sixty-seven million people. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok and the official language is Thai. Ninety-five percent of the country's residents are Buddhists. This four-page photo lesson includes free downloadable activities. Note: Special thanks to Susan Gaer, Professor of ESL at Santa Ana College, for co-writing this lesson and providing most of the photos. Susan visited Thailand in 2011 and spent two weeks learning about Thailand's history, experiencing its culture, and meeting its people. Please visit Susan's Web site at http://www.susangaer.com.   (4-page lesson)

Map of Thailand in Southeast Asia
Map of Thailand in Southeast Asia

Where is Thailand located?

It is located in Southeast Asia.

It shares land borders with Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Flag of the Kingdom of Thailand
Flag of the Kingdom of Thailand

What color is the flag of Thailand?

It is red, white, and blue.

It has five horizontal stripes.

The blue stripe in the center is wider than the other stripes.

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