EL Civics for ESL Students

Thailand, Page 2

by Susan Gaer and Christina Niven
Temple Demons

Temple Demons at the Grand Palace

  • The Grand Palace was built in 1782.

  • It was the King's home for 150 years.

  • Thai demons guard every temple and palace in Thailand.


Susan and Her Friends at the Grand Palace

Grand Palace

  • Temples and palaces have a very strict dress code. This one at the King's palace (Bang Pa In) in Ayudhaya had a stricter dress code than most. However, at every temple and palace they had Sarongs to borrow.


Head of Buddha in a Tree Trunk

Buddha in a Tree

  • This head of Buddha in a tree is from the Ruins in Ayudhaya, Thailand.

  • Ayudhaya was the capital before Bangkok. It was the capital from 1350 until 1677.

  • The city was completely burned during a war with Burma (Mynamar).

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