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Cities at Night, Page 2

by elcivics.com
Marrakesh, Morocco - Djemaa el Fna Market

What city is this?

  • It is Marrakesh. It is the second largest city in Morocco.

  • Morocco is located in North Africa along the Atlantic Ocean.

  • This is a photo of Djemaa El Fnaa. It is the largest open air market in Africa.


Shanghai, China - Huangpu River

What city is this?

  • It is Shanghai. It is in China.

  • China is located in East Asia.

  • The river in the photo is the Huangpu River. It divides Shanghai into two portions.


Vatican City, Rome, Italy - Saint Peter's Basilica

What city is this?

  • It is Vatican City. Vatican City is a small independent city-state. It is located within Rome, Italy.

  • Italy is located in Southern Europe next to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Vatican City is the official residence of the Pope.


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