EL Civics for ESL Students

Cities at Night, Page 3

by elcivics.com
Paris, France - Eiffel Tower on the Seine River

What city is this?

  • It is Paris. Paris is the capital of France.

  • France is located in Europe.

  • The iron structure in this photo is the Eiffel Tower. It is a famous world landmark.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Guanabara Bay

What city is this?

  • It is Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is located in Brazil.

  • Brazil is in South America next to the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Rio de Janeiro is located on the Guanabara Bay.


Quebec City, Canada - Frontenac Castle

What city is this?

  • It is Quebec. Quebec is located in Canada.

  • Canada is in North America.

  • The tall building in this photo is the Château Frontenac. It is a grand hotel.

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