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New Year's Lesson, Page 2

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Woman Exercising

What is the most popular New Year's resolution?

  • The most popular New Year's resolutions is to go on a diet and start exercising.

  • Other popular New Year's resolutions are: stop smoking, save money, spend more time with family members, call or write your relatives, get a new job, start school, learn a new language.


Family Celebrating New Year's with Sparklers

How do families with small children celebrate New Year's?

  • They stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve and light sparklers or bang pots.

  • Some families order pizza and watch movies.

  • Young children often fall asleep before midnight.


Couple Blowing Noisemakers on New Year's Eve

What is this couple doing?

  • They are wearing New Year's hats and blowing noise makers.

  • They are at a New Year's Eve party, and it is almost midnight.

  • They will kiss when it is midnight. This will bring them good luck in the new year.

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