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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Healthy Food Lesson - Page 1

by www.elcivics.com

Eating healthy food and exercising regularly improves your health. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce your chance of getting cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Low-fat meats, beans, and nuts are also part of a good nutrition plan. The United States Department of Agriculture has published a new food pyramid that includes tips and facts about how to eat healthy to improve your health and live longer. (3-page lesson)

Family Picnic with Healthy Foods
Family Picnic with Healthy Foods

What are the benefits of eating healthy food?

People who eat healthy food feel and look better.

They have fewer medical problems and miss less days from work or school.

People who eat healthy foods also usually feel more energetic and live longer than people who don't.

Mulit-Vitamins and Fresh Vegetables
Mulit-Vitamins and Fresh Vegetables

Is it important to take vitamins?

You can get all the vitamins you need from the foods you eat, but taking a multi-vitamin once a day is a good idea.

Multi-vitamins can be taken once a day after eating or even every other day.

If you take a multi-vitamin, be sure to check the expiration date on the bottle.

Ask your doctor if you have any questions about taking multi-vitamins.

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