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Coupons Lesson

ESL Lesson - Coupons - Page 1

Coupons help shoppers save money. You can find coupons in newspapers and online. The Sunday newspaper has a lot of coupons. Grocery store coupons are usually mailed to residents every week. This lesson teaches English language learners how to read coupons. (3 pages)

Woman Cutting Out Coupons
Woman Cutting Out Coupons

Cutting Coupons

Shoppers save money when they use coupons.

This woman is cutting coupons out of the newspaper.

She is using a pair of scissors.

Buy One Get One Free Coupon
Buy One Get One Free Coupon

Buy One Get One Free

This coupon says that if you buy one hamburger deluxe meal you get another one free.

Example: If one meal costs $4.50, then if you use this coupon you will get two meals for $4.50.

This coupon is only good for the month of April.

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