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Coupons Lesson - Page 2

Coupon for a Bar of Soap
Coupon for a Bar of Soap

3 for $1.00

You can buy three bars of soap for one dollar.

The expiration date for this coupon is July 2015.

Expiration dates are often written near the top or bottom of coupons.

Half-Off Coupon
Half-Off Coupon

Half-Off Coupon

Half-off means 50 percent less than the full price

This coupon is good for ONE DAY ONLY.

Example: If a pair of shoes cost $26 then they will cost $13.

Free Coupon
Free Coupon

Free Item with Coupon

This coupon means you get a free item.

You do not have to buy anything and there is no expiration date.

Companies give these coupons out so that people will try their product.

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