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Columbus Day Lesson - Page 3

Native American Crow Tribe
Native American Crow Tribe

Were there people living in the New World when Columbus arrived?

Yes, there were. The land was occupied by many people.

Columbus and his crew of sailors were not alone.

Indians - Native Americans
Native Americans

What did Columbus call the inhabitants of North America?

He thought he was in India, so he called them Indians.

The arrival of Columbus and the European colonization that followed led to a genocide of the native population.

Many native people were killed, enslaved, committed suicide or died from European diseases.

Burial Place for Christopher Columbus - Cathedral of Seville
Cathedral of Seville

When did Christopher Columbus die?

He died on May 20, 1506. He was about 55 years old.

He is buried in the Cathedral of Seville in Spain.

Some experts believe that a mistake was made and that his remains are in Santo Domingo.

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