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Welcome to the Summer Olympics
Photo: The Chinese believe that red brings good luck.

2008 Summer Olympics Lesson - Beijing, China

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The 2008 Summer Olympics will be in Beijing, China, from August 8 to August 24. China is expecting 10,500 athletes to take part in the Olympics and three million people to attend the events. China built new buildings and expanded their subway and bus systems to prepare for the crowds. The Summer Olympics includes sports like running, swimming, soccer, cycling, and gymnastics. Athletes from over 200 countries will participate in 302 events. (3 pages)

Flag of China - Red with Yellow Stars

Which country will host the 2008 Summer Olympics?

  • China will host the event from August 8 to August 24.

  • China is located in Asia.

  • About 20 percent of the world's population, or 1,320,000,000 people, live in China.


Map of China Shows Beijing

Where in China will the games be held?

  • They will be held in Beijing.

  • Beijing is the capital of China.

  • It is a large, modern city.

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