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Capitals of Europe

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Europe is the birthplace of Western culture, politics, and economics. It is west of Asia, south of the Arctic Ocean, east of the Atlantic Ocean, and north of the Mediterranean Sea. About 11 percent of the world's population lives in the 48 countries of Europe. Of the seven continents in the world, Europe is the second smallest. This short photo lesson shows eight of Europe's capital cities. (3 pages)

London, England -  Big Ben

London, England.

  • The capital of England is London.

  • London is located in the southeastern part of England, along the Thames River.

  • The famous Clock Tower in this photo is nicknamed Big Ben.


Paris, France - Notre Dame

Paris, France.

  • The capital of France is Paris.

  • Paris is located in northern France on the River Seine.

  • With over 30 million tourists visiting the city each year, it is the most popular vacation destination in the world.

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