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World Geography Banner Showing a World Map

World Geography Lessons with Photos

These world geography photo lessons are designed for beginning to intermediate ELL, ESL, and EFL students. Each lesson has nine photos and a few brief facts. The material can be taught verbally while showing the photos on interactive whiteboards. The units can also be used as prompts for writing assignments like country reports. Teachers and students might want to collect videos, postcards, maps, and posters to supplement the lessons. I'll be adding more material to this section over the next several years.

Ottawa, the Canadian flag, Parliament Hill, Calgary, hockey, and maple syrup.

Capitals of Europe
London, Paris, Budapest, Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, Stockholm, and Warsaw.

China, Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
The 2008 Summer Olympics will be in Beijing, the capital of China.

Cities at Night
Mexico City, Isfahan, Marrakesh, Shanghai, Vatican City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Quebec.

Mexican flag, Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico City, D.F., Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen, chalupas in Xochimilco, Mazatlan.

Map of Thailand, flag, temple demons, The Grand Palace, Buddha, Bangkok, sarongs, coconut water, floating markets, and more.

World Rooftops
Vietnam, India, Poland, Uganda, Greece, Mexico, Scotland, and Czech Republic.