EL Civics for ESL Students

Read Aloud Worksheets

by www.elcivics.com

Reading aloud encourages students to practice their oral and pronunciation skills. It's best for teachers to read the stories to the class just before and immediately after passing out the papers. Students can be paired or put in small groups to practice reading to each other. Volunteers can demonstrate their skills by reading in front of the class. Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes.

Speaking Exercises for Pair Practice

Anniversary Dinner - Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are celebrating their anniversary.

Apartments - Apartment buildings have many apartments. It is expensive to rent an apartment.

Apartment Hunting - Victor and his wife are looking to rent an apartment.

Birthday Cakes - Birthday cakes come in many flavors. They have candles on them.

Birthday Party Game - Here's how to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Bookstores - Bookstores sell books. The books are on bookshelves or in bookcases.

Bus Stop - Kathy starts a new job today, but her bus is late.

Carpets - Carpet is sold by the square foot or square yard.

Checking Account - Mr. Nguyen is withdrawing $50 from his checking account.

Christmas Cookies - Sugar cookies are popular in December.

Community College - Two year colleges are more affordable than universities.

Computer Skills - After ESL students learn English, they might want to take computer classes.

Driver's Permit - Cathy's mom is teaching her how to drive a car.

Football Fans - Football fans wear their favorite team's T-shirts and caps.

Father's Day Gifts - Gift suggestions for dad.

Flag Day - June 14 is Flag Day. People and businesses display the flag.

Gas Bill - Gas bills are usually higher during the winter.

Grocery Coupons - The Sunday newspaper has a many food coupons.

Healthy Breakfast - Mr. and Mrs. Jones are on a diet.

Holiday BBQ - Summer holidays are a great time to BBQ outside.

Homelessness - Should people give money to the homeless? Do you?

Irons - Irons have four or more temperature settings.

Job Interview - Dora goes on a job interview to be a secretary.

Kindergarten - Children start kindergarten when they are five years old.

Kitchen Sinks - Call a plumber if your kitchen sink is leaking.

Laptop Computers - Laptop computers are small and lightweight.

Laundry Detergent - Cesar put too much laundry soap in the washing machine.

Letter Writing - Everyone likes to get a letter from a relative or friend.

Memorial Day - The last Monday in May is Memorial Day.

Middle School - Middle school students are in the 5th to 9th grades.

New York City - NYC is the most populated city in the USA. It is located in New York.

Pushpins - Teachers use pushpins to hang up calendars, memos, and students' work.

Setting a Table - Explains how to set a table with plates, silverware, glasses, and cups.

Scissors - Scissors are used to cut paper, cloth, hair, and ribbons.

Time Change - We turn our clocks forward in spring and back in fall.

Tooth Fairy - When children lose a tooth they put it under their pillows.

Trick or Treating - Children go trick-or-treating on Halloween. People give them candy.

Tree House - Tree houses are built in trees. They have only one room.

Tuxedos and Wedding Gowns - Couples wear special clothes during wedding ceremonies.

Veterinarians - Vets help sick animals get better.

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