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Drawings by Liz Ball

Find the Differences Puzzles

Picture puzzle worksheets help pre-literate ESL students feel successful because reading skills are not required. These worksheets include lines so students can write simple vocabulary words that explain the differences between the two pictures. Enjoy! NOTE: The copyrights to the pictures on these worksheets belong to Liz Ball. You may make paper copies of these worksheets, but you may not save them to electronic devices or sell them in any form. To order Lizís picture activity books, send $5.95/book plus $2.50 shipping to: Hidden Pictures, P.O. Box 63, Tipp City, OH 45371 or visit her website at www.hiddenpicturepuzzles.com.

Downloadable Picture Puzzles

Students with Backpacks

Cats Can't Read

Gift of Honey

Airports and Airplanes

Saint Patrick's Day

Rabbits in the Rain

Winter Sleds

Rabbits Enjoying Nature

Spring is Here

Taking a Mud Bath

Sailors on a Ship

Fairies in the Flowers

Airport Terminal

Cupcake Party

Picnic in the Park

Fourth of July

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