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Veterans Day Lesson

Veterans Day Lesson - Page 1

Veterans Day is on November 11. It is an American holiday to honor people who have completed military service or who are currently serving in the military. It is a federal holiday, so schools, banks, post offices, and government buildings are closed. Police, fire fighters, airline pilots, doctors and nurses work on Veteran's Day. This short photo lesson reviews basic facts about Veteran's Day for K-12 and ESL students. (3-page lesson)

Veteran's Day, November 11
Veteran's Day, November 11

When is Veterans Day?

It is on November 11.

It is a national holiday so banks, schools, and the post office will be closed.

The police, doctors, nurses, airline pilots and other workers will work on Veteran's Day.

Soldier Saying Goodbye
Soldier Saying Goodbye

Who do we honor on Veterans Day?

We honor all of America's veterans and soldiers.

Veterans are people who have served in the armed forces. Soldiers are people who are currently serving in the armed forces.

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