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Salt Lake City - Capital of Utah - Capitol Building

Capital of Utah

  • Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah. It is located in the northern part of the state.

  • The capitol building is in downtown Salt Lake City on Capitol Hill.

  • The dome on top of the capitol is covered with copper that was mined in the state.


Rocky Mountain Elk - State Animal of Utah

Rocky Mountain Elk

  • The state animal of Utah is the Rocky Mountain Elk.

  • Elks are large mammals. They live in forests and they eat grass, plants, leaves, and bark.

  • Male elks have large antlers. Elks are not an endangered species.


California Seagull - State Bird of Utah

California Seagull

  • Utah's state bird is the California Seagull.

  • California gulls have small yellow bills, yellow legs, brown eyes, and a rounded head. Their bodies are white and their upper wings are grey with black tips.

  • Gulls eat insects, fish, and eggs.

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