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Four-Wheeling in Utah, Page 2

Mountains in Utah

Mountains in Utah

  • There are many beautiful mountains in Utah.

  • Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road when they drive in the mountains.

  • If you want to stop and take pictures, pull off the road in a designated area.


Couple Dressed for the Outdoors

Couple Dressed for the Outdoors

  • This couple is dressed for a camping trip.

  • They are wearing layers of clothes. If it gets hot, they can take off their jackets.

  • It is important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes when you go camping.


Campsite with Vehicles


  • It is fun to go camping with friends. It is safer, too.

  • Friends can help each other if there is an emergency.

  • Some of these campers have motor homes. Motor homes have kitchens, beds, and restrooms.

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