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Texas Lesson, Page 3

Guadalupe Peak, in the Guadalupe Mountains Range

What is the highest point in Texas?

  • The highest point in Texas is Guadalupe Peak. It is part of the Guadalupe Mountains range and is located in the western part of the state.

  • There is a trail that leds to the top of the peak, and it can be climbed any day of the year.


The Alamo - San Antonio de Bxar

What building is this?

  • It is the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas.

  • A famous 13-day battle took place here during the Texas Revolution in 1836.

  • The Texas Revolution was a war between Texas and Mexico.


NASA Buoyancy Laboratory

Where is this man?

  • He is at the Johnson Space Center. He is training to be an astronaut.

  • The Johnson Space Center is located in Houston, Texas.

  • It is home to NASA's Mission Control Center. It coordinates all human spaceflight shuttle missions for the United States.

  • NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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