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Texas Lesson, Page 2

Bluebonnets, Texas's State Flowers

What is Texas's state flower?

  • Texas's state flower is the bluebonnet.

  • Bluebonnets grow to be one foot tall.

  • The flowers on the bluebonnets bloom every spring.

  • It is a custom for Texans to take family photos among bluebonnets.


Valley Quail

What is Texas's state bird?

  • Texas's state bird is the mockingbird.

  • Mocking birds mimick the sounds of other birds.

  • They eat worms.


Pecan Orchard

What is Texas's state tree?

  • Texas's state tree is the pecan tree.

  • Pecan nuts grow on the trees. Pecans are eaten fresh or used to make pies and candies.

  • Wood from pecan trees is used to make furniture and hardwood flooring.

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