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Texas Lesson - Page 2

Bluebonnets, Texas's State Flowers
Bluebonnets, Texas's State Flowers

What is Texas's state flower?

Texas's state flower is the bluebonnet.

Bluebonnets grow to be one foot tall.

The flowers on the bluebonnets bloom every spring.

It is a custom for Texans to take family photos among bluebonnets.

Mockingbird width=

What is Texas's state bird?

Texas's state bird is the mockingbird.

Mockingbirds mimick the sounds of other birds.

They eat worms.

Pecan Orchard
Pecan Orchard

What is Texas's state tree?

Texas's state tree is the pecan tree.

Pecan nuts grow on the trees. Pecans are eaten fresh or used to make pies and candies.

Wood from pecan trees is used to make furniture and hardwood flooring.

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