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Indianapolis - State Capital of Indiana

Indianapolis - State Capital

  • The capital of Indiana is Indianapolis. It is located in the exact center of the state.

  • In 2008, more than 798,000 residents lived in the city.

  • Indianapolis means "Indiana City". The name was created by joining the word Indiana with the Greek word for city which is polis.


Peony - State Flower of Indiana

Peony - State Flower

  • Indiana's state flower is the peony.

  • Peonies are fragrant flowering plants. They come in various colors including white, red, pink, and yellow. They bloom from late spring to early summer.

  • Ants are attracted to peony buds because nectar forms on the outside of the buds.


Cardinal - State Bird of Illinois

Cardinal - State Bird

  • The state bird of Indiana is the cardinal. Cardinals are songbirds.

  • Cardinals live in woodlands and have strong bills for eating seeds. A woodland is a low density forest that allows sunlight to shine on plants.

  • Male cardinals are bright red, but females are a tan/gray color.

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