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Illinois Lesson, Page 3

Violets - State Flower of Illinois


  • The state flower of Illinois is the violet.

  • Violets have five petals. They prefer cooler climates and can grow wild in fields, woodlands, slopes along rivers or lakes, and gardens.

  • Violets can be found in every county in Illinois.


Monarch Butterfly - State Insect of Illinois

Monarch Butterfly

  • The monarch butterfly is the state insect of Illinois.

  • Monarch butterflies are also known as the milkweed butterflies because that is all their larvae can eat. Toxins from the milkweed makes them poisonous to predators.


Bluegrass - State Prairie Grass of Illinois

Prairie Grass

  • In 1989, the Big Bluestem became the state's prairie grass.

  • Bluestem can grow between 3-10 feet tall. The base of its stems are a blue-purple color.

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