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Springfield - State Capital of Illinois - Capitol Building

Springfield - Capitol Building

  • The capital of Illinois is Springfield. It is located near the center of the state.

  • Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, lived in the city from 1837 until 1861. Lincoln, his wife, and three of their four sons are buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.


White-tailed Deer - State Animal of Illinois

White-tailed Deer

  • Illinois' state animal is the white-tailed deer.

  • Male deers are called bucks and female deers are called does. Group of deers are referred to as herds.

  • When white-tailed deers sense danger, they display and wag their tails.


Cardinal - State Bird of Illinois


  • The state bird of Illinois is the cardinal.

  • The cardinal became Illinois’ state bird in 1929. It is also the state bird of six other U.S. states.

  • Male cardinals are bright red, but females are a tan/gray color. Both male and female cardinals sing.

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