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Hawaii Photo Tour and Lesson - Page 2

Diver and Large Turtles
Diver and Large Turtles

Is diving a popular activity in Hawaii?

Yes, it is. There are public diving shows in Hawaii.

The water in Hawaii is very clear and clean.

This diver is swimming near a large turtle.

Surfer Riding Waves
Surfer Riding Waves

Is Hawaii a good place to surf?

Hawaii is the best place to surf.

Surfing first became popular in Waikiki in the early 1900s.

Waves in Waikiki can reach 20 feet tall.

Hawaiian Girl Doing a Hula Dance
Hawaiian Girl Doing a Hula Dance

What are the girl and boy doing?

The girl is doing a hula dance and the boy is playing a ukulele.

Hula dancers tell a story with their body and hand movements.

A ukulele is like a small guitar with four strings.

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