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California Missions, Page 3

Courtyard at Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission Courtyard

  • Mission buildings were built around a courtyard or quadrangle.

  • Usually a fountain surrounded by a fruit and herb garden was in the center of the courtyard. Paths ran along the four sides of the courtyard and to the fountain in the center.


Mission Kitchen at Carmel

Mission Kitchen

  • Indian women cooked meals for the mission's residents and workers in simple kitchens like this one at the Carmel Mission. Notice the handmade oven.

  • When missions were built, the kitchen was one of the first rooms to be completed.


Mission Solano in Sonoma, California

Mission San Francisco de Solano

  • Mission San Francisco de Solano was founded in Sonoma in 1823 by Father Jose Altimira. It was the last of the 21 missions built in California.

  • During the last three years of his life, Father Serra traveled 600 miles to visit all 21 missions, from Mission de Alcala to Mission San Francisco.

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