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Mount Rushmore Photo Tour, Page 2

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Mount Rushmore Main Enterance

Is this the enterance to Mount Rushmore?

  • Yes, this is the main enterance to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
  • The memorial has restaurants, gift shops, theaters, museums, walking trails and more. It is open seven days a week.


State Flags at the Enterance of Mount Rushmore

How many flags are on display at Mount Rushmore?

  • There are 56 flags on display at the Avenue of Flags.
  • There is one flag for each of the fifty states, one for the District of Columbia, three for each U.S. territory, and two for each commonwealth.


Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Rooservelt, and Lincoln

Which U.S. presidents are on Mount Rushmore?

  • There are four:

    1. George Washington

    2. Thomas Jefferson

    3. Theodore Roosevelt

    4. Abraham Lincoln


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