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ESL Weather Lesson


There are many words to describe the weather: hot, warm, cool, cold, sunny, raining, snowing, humid, etc. When we talk about the weather we usually tell how many degrees it is. For example, "It is eighty-five degrees." To find out how the weather is going to be we can listen to weather report on the radio or on T.V. Weather reporters usually give the weather forecast for the current day and for the next five days. (3-page lesson)

Temperature Thermometer
Temperature Thermometer

What is this?

It is a thermometer.

It measures the temperature.

Eighty degrees Fahrenheit is warm.

Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit is freezing.

Weather Map
Weather Map

What is this?

It is a weather map.

It shows the temperatures around the world.

News shows on TV and cell phones display weather maps.

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