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Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic Lesson

by www.elcivics.com

Medical clinics offer non-emergency health care services. They are less expensive than hospitals, and they treat a wider variety of injuries and illnesses than a family doctor. Some communities have free or low-cost health clinics. The cost of treatment at these clinics is based on a person's income. Many people who don't have health insurance go to clinics when they are sick. (3-page lesson)

Clinic Waiting Room
Clinic Waiting Room

Clinic Waiting Room

After people check-in at a clinic, they wait in the waiting room until their names are called.

Patients need to show their insurance card and fill out medical forms.

Doctors and Nurse
Doctors and Nurse

Doctors and Nurse

Doctors and nurses work at medical clinics.

Medical clinics are smaller than hospitals and they are not designed for major operations.

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