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Healthy Food Lesson, Page 3

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Seniors at a Picnic Eating Baked Chicken

What kinds of meats are best?

  • Low-fat meats like turkey and chicken are good to eat.
  • Meats that are low in fat are called lean.
  • Meat that is baked has less fat than meat that is fried.


Teen Making Juice in an Electric Juicer

Are sweets good for your health?

  • No, sweets are bad for your health.
  • Avoid eating too many sweets.
  • Buy a juicer and make fresh juice instead.


Family Riding Bicycles for Exercise

Is exercising an important part of a healthy lifestyle?

  • Yes, exercising at least 20 minutes a day is very important.
  • Exercising burns calories, keeps bones strong, improves balance, and reduces stress.
  • Riding bikes is a fun and easy way to exercise.


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