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Graduation Lesson - Student in Cap and Gown

Graduation Lesson - Page 1

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Graduation ceremonies mark the completion of a school program. During graduation ceremonies, students wear caps and gowns and receive diplomas. They usually go to dinner with friends and relatives after the ceremony. It's common for graduates to receive cards, cash, and gifts. Everyone wishes the new graduates good luck. (3-page lesson)

Diploma, Cap, and Tassel
Diploma, Cap, and Tassel

What is a diploma?

A diploma is a paper that has a student's name, the date, the school's name, and the type of degree the student earned.

Diplomas are given to students during a graduation ceremony.

Valedictorian Speaker at a Graduation Ceremony
Valedictorian Speaker at a Graduation Ceremony

Where are graduation ceremonies held?

They are usually held in the school's auditorium or on the school's athletic field.

The valedictorian gives a speech.

Graduation Lesson Activities

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