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ESL Football Lesson

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Football or American football is a team sport. It is played with a football on a large field that has two goalposts at oppsite ends of the field. Football teams have 11 players on the field. The players wear helmets, shoulder pads, football shoes, and team uniforms. Fans buy tickets to watch their favorite teams play. Note: Special thanks to Karen Keyes for requesting this lesson!  (4 pages)

Cowboy Football Stadium

What is this?

  • It is a football stadium.

  • Stadiums are large buildings with seats for sports fans and a field for players.

  • Stadiums have large parking lots.


Football Field with Lines and Numbers

Why are there lines on the field?

  • The lines mark the distance that players need to cover to reach the other team's goal line.

  • Football fields are 360 feet long and 160 feet wide.

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