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ESL Restaurant Lesson

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People go to restaurants to buy food that is already prepared. At full service restaurants, waiters and waitresses bring the food to your table or booth. Some restaurants have low prices, while others have expensive prices. Expensive restaurants usually have a dress code and men must wear a jacket and tie. Cheaper restaurants don't have a dress code, so customers can wear casual clothes like jeans and T-shirts. This lesson reviews basic English vocabulary words and phrases that can be used to describe restaurants. (3 pages)

Restaurant or Cafe

What kind of place is this?

  • It is a restaurant.

  • It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • The prices at this restaurant are cheap.


Expensive Restaurant

Is this an expensive restaurant?

  • Yes, it is.

  • Meals here cost $45.00 or more.

  • People get dressed up to go to this restaurant.

  • Men must wear a jacket and tie.

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