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ESL Food Lessons

ESL Food Lessons - Activities and Worksheets

by www.elcivics.com

These free English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons include simple vocabulary words and short phrases about foods and food-related activities. They include photos and downloadable worksheets, PowerPoints, and videos. They are designed for beginning to intermediate ESL students and show well on interactive whiteboards.

Breakfast - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nutrition experts recommend eating a healthy breakfast that is low in sugar and fat. This lesson includes photos of healthy foods that can be eaten in the morning.

Food Lesson - It is important to eat a variety of foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats provide the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. This lesson includes short vocabulary lists of common types of foods.

Fruits - People should eat three or more servings of fresh fruit each day. It's important to each a variety of fruits. (Beginning Level)

Grocery Store - Food items in grocery stores are organized in sections, and most of the sections are labeled with names, numbers, or letters. It's easier to find the food items you are looking for if you understand how grocery stores are organized.

Healthy Foods - Fresh foods are healthier than processed foods. It is usually better to cook at home than to eat at a restaurant or fast food place. This lesson describes the benefits of eating healthy foods.

Restaurants - People go to a restaurant to eat food that has been prepared by a cook or chef. Restaurants that have servers take the customer's order and bring it to the table are called full service restaurants.

Vegetables - Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are also low in calories. Everyone should eat three or more servings of vegetables daily.