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Community Places

Community Places and Buildings

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Communities can be large or small, but they all have buildings and locations like schools, libraries, police stations, fire stations, civic centers, restaurants, stores, and malls. Communites also have sidewalks, streets, and parks. Living in a community is convenient because there are many services available. People often feel attached to their communities, their neighborhoods, and their neighbors. (3 pages)

Store Fronts in a Small Town

Is this a large town or a small town?

  • It is a small town.

  • Small towns usually have a shopping area on a main street.

  • There are cars parked in front of the stores.


Police Station

What kind of building is this?

  • It is a police station.

  • Police officers work at the police station.

  • If you see a crime, call 911 and the police will help you.

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