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Car Insurance Lesson - Page 3

Car Stuck in a Flood
Car Stuck in a Flood

Does comprehensive coverage include damage caused to vehicles by floods?

Yes, it does.

Don't try to start a car that has been in a flood until it has been inspected and cleaned by a mechanic or you could hurt yourself and cause further damage to the vehicle.

Collision with Bodily Injury
Collision with Bodily Injury

Was anyone injured in this car accident?

Yes, the drivers and passengers in this car accident were injured.

Injuries are covered in the bodily injuries section or personal injury protection section of auto insurance policies.

If you are injured in a car accident, you should talk to an attorney.

Totaled Vehicles Ready for Recycling
Totaled Vehicles Ready for Recycling

Are these vehicles totaled?

Yes, they are. Vehicles are declared totaled when they are too damaged to be repaired or when it costs more to repair them than they are worth.

Totaled vehicles are taken to the junkyard to be recycled.

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