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Airline Travel - ESL Lesson

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Riding in an airplane is a great way to travel because it is fast and easy. Some people fly to their vacation destination and others fly for business. Plane tickets can be purchased online, by phone, or by using a travel agency. The prices of tickets vary, so it's best to check around and research all your options. If you're flying for vacation, try to plan your trip several months ahead of time so you can get the best deal. You might want to compare vacation packages that include your plane ticket, hotel room, and rental car. (3 pages)

Airport Gates

What is a "gate number"?

  • A gate number is a label that tells you which airport gate to go to to board your plane.

  • The gate number is on your plane ticket.


Concourse at an Airport

What is an airport concourse?

  • An airport concourse is a walkway for travelers.

  • Once travelers find the correct gate, they follow the signs in the concourse.

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