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Groundhog Day Lesson - Page 3

Groundhog Standing on a Log
Groundhog Standing on a Log

How large are groundhogs?

The average groundhog is 17 to 26 inches long with its tail and weighs from 4.5 to 9 pounds.

Groundhogs gain weight before they go into hibernation for the winter. Hibernation is a deep coma.

Groundhog Kit with Its Mother
Groundhog Kit with Its Mother

What is a baby groundhog called?

It is called a kit or a cub.

Kits are born in mid-April or May, and they come in litters of 2 to 6 kits.

Groundhogs live for 2 to 6 years.

Whistling Groundhog
Whistling Groundhog

What is this groundhog doing?

It is whistling.

Groundhogs whistle to warn other groundhogs about danger.

They also whistle in the spring to attract mates.

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