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ESL George Washington Lesson - Page 2

American War of Independence, Washington Taking Control of Continential Army
Washington Taking Control of the Continental Army

Did George Washington participate in the War of Independence?

Yes, he did. He was the leader of the American army.

He fought England during the war. The war lasted from 1775 to 1783.

Signing of the Constitution
Signing of the Constitution

What happened after the War of Independence?

After the war, the colonies formed a new country, and it became the United States of America.

The War of Indepence is also called the Revolutionary War.

Map of the United States in 1790
Map of the United States in 1790

When was Washington elected as president?

He was elected in 1789 and again in 1793. He was president for eight years.

George Washington refused to be president for a third time.

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