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EL Civics for ESL Students
Teacher Sitting at Desk

ESL Education Lesson


Adult schools in the United States offer free or low cost education to students who are 18 years old or older. ESL programs are an important part of adult campuses. ESL stands for English as a Second Language. Most schools have ESL classes in the morning, afternoon, evening, and on Saturdays. Some schools have distance learning classes. Students in distance learning classes take home books, videos, and tapes in order to learn English at home. A new kind of distance learning class is computer based. That means that students use a computer to learn English. Students in distance learning computer classes email their assignments to their teachers. (3-page lesson)

Teacher Writing on Board
Teacher Writing on Board

Who is she?

She is a teacher.

What is she doing?

She is writing on the board.

ESL Student
ESL Student

Who is she?

She is a student.

What is she doing?

She is learning English.

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