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ESL Lesson - Tools

We use tools to build things and to repair things. Construction workers and mechanics use a lot of tools. This lesson shows a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, drill, axe, and other types of tools. (3-page lesson)

Hammer and Nails
Hammer and Nails


We use a hammer to nail a nail in a wall or a piece of wood.

Hammers have a heavy metal head on the end of a long handle.

INSTRUCTIONS: Hold the nail in one hand and hold the hammer in the other. Hit the nail on the head.

Screwdriver and Screws
Screwdriver and Screws


We use a screwdriver to screw a screw in a wall or a piece of wood.

A screwdriver has a flattened metal end that fits into a slot on the top of a screw.

INSTRUCTIONS: Hold the screw in one hand and the screwdriver in the other hand. Put the tip of the screwdriver in the slot of the screw. Turn the screwdriver to the right.

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