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ESL Shoe Lesson - Page 3

Basketball Shoes - High Tops
Basketball Shoes - High Tops

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are designed for playing basketball, but they are also worn for walking.

High-top basketball shoes extend over the wearer's ankle.

Sandals - Flip Flops
Sandals - Flip Flops


Sandals are open shoes. They have straps to hold them on the foot.

These are flip-flops. Flip-flops are popular in Southern California.

People often wear flip-flops to the beach.

Moccasins - Deerskin
Moccasins - Deerskin


Moccasins are soft leather shoes.

Native Americans made moccasins from deerskin. They decorated them with colored beads.

Moccasins slip on and off and are comfortable.

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