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Shapes and Colors

Shapes and Color Lesson

Shapes and colors are all around us. Everything we see has a shape and a color. This lesson teaches students to identify basic shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. It combines colors with shapes so students can practice using phrases such as white circle or red no-symbol. This lesson shows well on interactive whiteboards, and it can be accessed by students at home. A PowerPoint slideshow and free worksheets are near the bottom of the page. (4-page lesson)

White Circle
White Circle


This is a white circle.

Circles are round.

Round items: clocks, snowmen, and plates.

Brown Oval
Brown Oval


This is a brown oval.

Ovals are similar to circles.

Oval items: eggs.

ESL Worksheets and Activities

Color Worksheet (A)

Color Worksheet (B)

Colors PowerPoint

Shapes and Colors PowerPoint