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Autumn Lesson

There are four seasons in a year. Autumn is the season after summer and before winter. It is also called fall. The colors of autumn are orange, green, yellow, and brown. In autumn, people rake leaves, eat apples, wear sweaters, drink cider, bake pies, read books, and take long walks. Autumn is the favorite season for many people. (3-page lesson)

Man Raking Leaves
Man Raking Leaves

Rake the Leaves

The man is raking the leaves.

He is using a rake.

In autumn, leaves fall off of the trees.

A Woman Looking at a Leaf
A Woman Looking at a Leaf

Look at a Leaf

The woman is looking at a brown leaf.

The leaf fell off a tree.

In autumn, leaves on trees change to brown, yellow, red, and orange.

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