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Administrative Assistants, Page 2

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Talk on Phone

Phone Calls

  • Office workers answer phone calls and make phone calls.

  • It's important to be polite and clear when speaking on the phone.

  • Many companies have automated phone systems that direct calls to the correct person and give general information like addresses.


Taking Phone Messages

Taking Phone Messages

  • Phone messages need to be informative, correct, and clear.

  • They should include: who called, what time they called, the message, and who took the message.

  • There are many different types of forms for leaving messages.


Woman Preventing Work Interruption

Preventing Interruptions

  • Administrative assistants need to prevent their bosses from being constantly interrupted.

  • They need to remain firm, yet polite, when preventing unnecessary interruptions.

  • Many sales people visit offices to look for new business. It's not productive to meet with all of them.

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