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Administrative Assistants - Page 2

Talk on Phone
Talk on Phone

Phone Calls

Office workers answer phone calls and make phone calls.

It's important to be polite and clear when speaking on the phone.

Many companies have automated phone systems that direct calls to the correct person and give general information like addresses.

Taking Phone Messages
Taking Phone Messages

Taking Phone Messages

Phone messages need to be informative, correct, and clear.

They should include: who called, what time they called, the message, and who took the message.

There are many different types of forms for leaving messages.

Woman Preventing Work Interruption
Woman Preventing Work Interruptions

Preventing Interruptions

Administrative assistants need to prevent their bosses from being constantly interrupted.

They need to remain firm, yet polite, when preventing unnecessary interruptions.

Many sales people visit offices to look for new business. It's not productive to meet with all of them.

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