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Names of Flowers

Flowers ESL Lesson

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Flowers are beautiful and they come in many different colors. Some flowers smell good and are used to make perfume. Flowers are a popluar gift for women on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and for birthdays. Flowers have blooms, stems, leaves, and roots. They require dirt, water, and sun to grow. (4 pages)

Red Rose - Red Roses Smell Good


  • Roses smell good, especially red ones.

  • Roses grow on rose bushes, and they have thorns on their stems.

  • Red roses symbolize love.


Carnations - Pink Carnations Symbolize a Mother's Love


  • Carnations come in many different colors.

  • Cut carnations last up to ten days if they are kept in water.

  • Pink carnations symbolize a mother's love.

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