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Fast Food Lesson

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Fast food is food that is prepared and served quickly. Customers order fast food at counters and drive-thrus in small restaurants. Fast food is served in disposable containers. It is cheap and customers don't have to leave a tip because fast food restaurants are self-serve. Fast food is high in fat and calories. Fast food meals should not be eaten too often because it is not as healthy as home cooked meals. (4 pages)

Cheeseburger on a Bun with Lettuce and Tomatoe


  • Cheeseburgers are beef patties with melted cheese. They are served on a round bun.

  • This cheeseburger has lettuce and tomato on it.

  • We eat cheeseburgers with our hands.


Hot Dog on a Bun with Mustard and Ketchup

Hot Dog

  • Hot dogs are made from beef, pork, and chicken.

  • They are long and are served on hot dog buns.

  • People put mustard, ketchup, relish, and chopped onions on their hot dogs.

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