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Clocks and Watches

Clocks and watches tell us what time it is. There are many kinds of clocks: wall clocks, alarm clocks, clock radios, grandfather clocks, and cuckoo clocks. Wristwatches and stopwatches also tell the time. Some clocks are displayed on public buildings like banks. Many civic centers and college campuses have clock towers. Being on time is important in the modern world. A popular expression is "time is money". (3-page lesson)

Wall Clock
Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Wall clocks hang on the wall.

Most people have a wall clock in their kitchen.

Some wall clocks are electric. Others need batteries.

Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks ring when it is time to wake up.

You have to set the alarm clock before you go to sleep.

Keep the alarm clock close to your bed so you will hear it.

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